Kick-off Initial on Tour – Michael Brüsch in Leuven 19-20/01/2018

The past weekend, the “Initial on Tour” was kicked off in Leuven with the fully booked two-day course by MDT Michael Brüsch. As the main founder of the GC Initial concept, he is adept at the technique like no other. After a short theoretical introduction, the participants could start to make their own restorations, using GC Initial LiSi, LiSi Press, MC and the Lustre Pastes NF. The hands-on exercises were alternated with short demos, where Michael revealed some useful tips and tricks.  The second day, the restorations were refined and finished and participants were both pleased and astonished with the results they could obtain with this exclusive ceramic.

GC Europe would like to thank all participants for ‘Initialising’ with us. It was a pleasure to host them in Leuven and we are confident it was a memorable experience for everyone.