A Multiple Approach with Predictable and Reproducible Results Leuven, Belgium 12-13/07/2018

When Britons meet Vikings …

Another GC Initial Master Course has gone by in Leuven, this time with  Mark Bladen and Ketil Sørensen. With infectious enthusiasm, this British-Danish duo revealed their recipes for a good restoration. It was fascinating to see so many different ways of press design being brought to the desired outcome, over and over again.

All this, together with the nice weather and great food put each one of us in a good mood. It was an enjoyable weekend worth repeating!




Aesthetic possibilities with the Initial family – How to achieve natural effects with minimal efforts Leuven, Belgium 14-15/06/2018

Another GC Initial Master Course with Stefan Roozen, focusing on the Initial LiSi Family, has been brought to an end in Leuven.

Stefan has a way of explaining things that helps new and experienced technicians to quickly improve not only their technical abilities, but also their productivity and quality of work. After these two days, the participants turned home satisfied with new knowledge and tricks they can implement in their labs, prepared for the current demanding market.




Aesthetic possibilities with the Initial family – How to achieve natural effects with minimal efforts Budapest, Hungary 25-26/05/2018

On Friday and Saturday 25-26/05/18, the GC Initial Master Course with Stefan Roozen took place in Budapest. Stefan is a renowned lecturer and author, with a great deal of experience in demanding restorations, both in the aesthetic and functional areas.

The course comprised of the entire GC Initial LiSi Family, with guidelines, tips and tricks on all stages of the manufacturing. Techniques, from pressing procedure to the finishing with various options were covered. The outcome was content dental technicians armed with new knowledge ready to be implemented in their daily practises.

GC Europe would like to thank the lecturer, participants and organisers of this event for collaborating to make this enriching experience happen!




Mapping the past – creating the future. One ceramic system for diversity, beauty and simplicity in Meiningen, Austria 4-5/05/2018

Another course from Michael Brüsch, “godfather” of the Initial concept, was this time given at the training center from Klema, Meiningen.

During the two-day hands-on course with focus on Initial LiSi, LiSi Press and Initial MC, participants got familiar with all the perks this ceramic line has to offer. Four crowns were made in total: a model with a central incisor, blended with Initial MC and one model with 3 crowns of LiSi Press, finished using three different techniques, demonstrating the versalitility of this ceramic system. The first day was concluded with a dinner, followed by a drink in a typical ‘Bierstube’.

The unique course location provided an extra benefit; all participants got the chance to follow a guided tour through the production facilities. Klema is part of GC Company and all the Initial ceramics are produced here. Quality requirements for the production of dental ceramics are very strict and the production process is complicated. That is why only very few companies can produce dental ceramics. At Klema, 20 tons of dental ceramics is produced annually and exported worldwide.

After the course, everybody went home satisfied with a certificate and the Initial keepsakes. With the friendly atmosphere, the chance to interact with peers and masters and the beautiful environment, it were two days to truly remember.




Katsuya Seki’s Master Course on Initial LiSi and LiSi Press in Madrid, Spain 19-20/04/2018 and Leuven, Belgium 23-24/04/2018

Katsuya Seki from the Beaux Arts Dental Lab in Tokyo is a true expert in lithium disilicate and so he could teach like no other how the perfect harmony between Initial LiSi Press and LiSi veneering ceramic is obtained. In Madrid as well as in Belgium, he gave a two-day hands on course on the youngest addition to the Initial family. At the same time as the course was given in Leuven, we had the pleasure to have Michael Brüsch present. At that time, he was rewarded by Mr. Makoto Nakao, Chairman and CEO of GC for his contribution to the Initial Ceramic Line.

The courses themselves were very practical, with tips and tricks on manual techniques as well as the pressing parameters and the use of the unique investment material, LiSi PressVest. He showed how with several layering techniques, staining and characterisation, the most beautiful and lifelike restorations can be obtained. Once you’ve tried LiSi and LiSi Press, you’ll never go back!







Bridging Dentistry congress in Istanbul, Turkey 21/04/2018

 In the Radisson Blue in Istanbul, no less than 200 participants gathered to bring dentists and dental technician’s experiences together and to learn about the latest innovations in the world of ceramics.

The appreciation by the audience was noticeable. Master ceramists Katsuya Seki, Tomonari Okawa, José A. Pamplona, Joaquin Garcia Arranz and dentist Ramon Asensio Acevedo rocked the stage with their beautifully documented presentations.

The fantastic couple, Nuray Çapa and Özcan Yilidirm proves like no other how beautiful the synergy between a dentist and dental technician can be.

Thank you GC Turkey for this unforgettable experience!


















Kick-off Initial on Tour – Michael Brüsch in Leuven 19-20/01/2018

The past weekend, the “Initial on Tour” was kicked off in Leuven with the fully booked two-day course by MDT Michael Brüsch. As the main founder of the GC Initial concept, he is adept at the technique like no other. After a short theoretical introduction, the participants could start to make their own restorations, using GC Initial LiSi, LiSi Press, MC and the Lustre Pastes NF. The hands-on exercises were alternated with short demos, where Michael revealed some useful tips and tricks.  The second day, the restorations were refined and finished and participants were both pleased and astonished with the results they could obtain with this exclusive ceramic.

GC Europe would like to thank all participants for ‘Initialising’ with us. It was a pleasure to host them in Leuven and we are confident it was a memorable experience for everyone.