Anterior Implant Aesthetics with Initial Zirconia Ceramics

Master Course by MDT Andreas Kunz, Berlin, Germany
NEW DATE! 25-26th January 2019 instead of 9-10th November 2018

In the centre of this anterior ceramic course are two implant supported crowns. The participants will follow the progress from planning through wax-up, through the emergence profile, the therapeutic crown and all the way to the definitive work. The aim of the course is to learn a structured approach, starting with the correct implant position, shaping the emergence profile, to developing the shape and colour of the definitive reconstruction


Course description

During the first part of the course the treatment process and the dental technology implementation of the implantation will be explained. The shaping the emergence profile of an implant reconstruction by lecture and demonstration is to follow.

The second part is a classic hands-on ceramic course. Two anterior GC Initial Zr-FS veneers (zirconia framework) are fabricated on an implant model. With the help of a practical colouring with photo documentation on the patient and the image analysis of natural teeth, the possibilities of different layers are discussed and transferred to the Initial colour system.

In a comprehensible and structured shift concept, the participants learn how to deal with the ceramic masses. The course clarifies characteristics such as hue, colour value, brightness value, transparency, fluorescence and opalescence.

Some of the questions that will be answered include:

  • “How do I change the colour and brightness value after a failed fitting?”
  • “Which factors do I use to select the colour on the patient?”
  • “How do I apply the individual ceramic materials and how do the ceramic systems differ?”

Lecture and demonstration: 

  • Planning an implant supported crown, from the wax-up to shaping the emergence profile        
  • Design of a therapeutic crown in acrylic, individual impression posts        
  • The colour system – all parameters as we perceive colours and tooth colours       
  • Lithium disilicate versus Zirconia – advantages and disadvantages of indications        
  • Photo documentation of colour analysis on the patient  

Hands-on part: 

  • Recognition of hue, colour value, brightness value, transparency and fluorescence
  • Anterior layering with Initial Zr FS ceramic masses       
  • Structured layer guide for veneering implant anterior crowns
  • Form and colour design of natural anterior teeth 
  • Photo documentation, colour selection on the patient, selection of the layer masses 

Items to bring:

  • Personal ceramic tools (brush, mixing plate, spatula, etc.)
  • Grinding tools and rubber polishers for finishing 
  • Pencil, fine liner

About the master

MDT Andreas Kunz completed his dental technology training in 1989. After that, he studied precious metal and ceramics technology and received his master dental technician designation in 1997, graduating “Best in Class”. From 1997 to 1999 he worked in the dental Lab of Rainer Semsch, Freiburg, Germany. From 1999 until 2005 he worked in close collaboration with Dr. Hildebrand in Berlin, Germany.

In 2006 MDT Andreas Kunz founded his own laboratory in Berlin. His main foci are fixed implant restorations with pink gingiva and white aesthetic, functional aesthetics, fixed and removable restorations. He also works as a lecturer in a master dental school.

MDT Kunz shares his experience with colleagues through hand-on courses, lectures and publications. He has been a member of the Dental Excellence International Group since 2003 and a member of the European Dental Association since 2008. He is currently the President of the European Association of Dental Technologie (EADT).

Practical Info

  • Language: German/English
  • Course fee: €650 (incl. 1 night hotel stay, taxi airport-hotel, taxi hotel-GCE-hotel, taxi GCE-aiport, 1 dinner, 2 lunches, and all coffee breaks)
  • Registrations are open until September 22nd (only 12 places available for optimal hands-on experience)
  • Please note that the fee should be transferred to the GC bank account to guarantee your participation, mentioning “GC INITIAL ON TOUR – 09-10/11/18 – ANDREAS KUNZ – YOUR NAME”
    Bank name: BNP Paribas Fortis
    Naamsesteenweg 173-175, B-3001 Leuven
    Account number: 230-0393000-73
    IBAN number: BE 27230039300073
    BIC or Swift Number: GEBABEBB08A

You can register online by filling out the below form. The number of participants is limited to 12.
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