Hybrid Zirconia restorations, made in a simple way

GC Initial Master Course by MDT Bill
Berlin, Germany
10-11th September 2018

Bill Marais is world-renowned with his high-end hybrid Zirconia restorations. During this course he will show a new type of fabrication using the latest Initial novelties.

Course description

Full Arch Zirconia Hybrids: Predictable Results with GC Initial Zr-FS and GC Initial Zirconia.

This two day course will show you how to achieve predictable  results with GC Initial Zr-FS, GC Lustre Pastes and GC Initial Zirconia during the fabrication of furll arch zirconia hybrids.

Far too many variables (heat rate, holding time, cracking, cooling) hinder the fabrication  of full arch zirconia hybrids. Added  to that is the fact that dental technicians have no set formula to follow during fabrication of these hybrids – we have become accustomed to following a standard formula when fabricating single crowns and small span bridges (how to grind, how to steam, what temperatures, cooling, etc.). With full arch zirconia hybrids, technicians must rely on past experience, intuition, and logic to achieve the sought after outcome for a case. Yet a successful outcome is also largely dependent  on the preparation in the dental practice, as well as the vital communication between the dentist and the technician (included in that communication is the relaying of pertinent information  via photography).  In the dental practice, verification jigs, pick up impression techniques, bite management, and understanding the cleansability of the full arch zirconia hybrid are crucial to the successful outcome of such cases.

About the master

Bill Marais is trained in and has extensive experience in all aspects of dental  technology,  including crown and bridge, neuromuscular dentistry, (neuromuscular) dentures and implant work. Bill received his Bachelor’s Degree in Prosthetic Science in Cape Town, South Africa.
His lab is specialized in (and is known for their success with) complex cases, including implant work, neuromuscular cases and high-end aesthetic restorations. Bill is a leading Key Opinion Leader for Initial for GC America and will focus during  this course on Full Hybrid Zirconia bridge  where he will show and explain his special technique with painting of zirconia-sintering colours which is afterwards layered partially with Initial Zr and Initial Zr Gum.

Practical Info

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