GC Initial - Live Patient Course
All Ceramic for Every Indication
A layering formula which leaves endless possibilities for creativity

MDT Ralf Dahl
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Course description

In this live patient course we will look at several possibilities leading us to choose the right Initial veneering ceramic for different substructures:
– The correct choice and individualization for lithium disilicate – GC LiSi frame work
– Right choice of mono lithium material recording to the shade of the patient
– Specifics of individual Zirconia materials and their layering
– We try to find an answer in which way metal ceramic can compete with all ceramic

 Main focus points:

– Introduction to GC Initial and the philosophy behind the system 
– Working process for (Oxid) porcelains and lithium – disilicate frame work
– Lithium disilicate build up or layering a Zirconia crown in the right shape, colour and surface  structure
– Tips and tricks for an effective work process and an aesthetic outcome

Together we will take the patients shade and a digital image. After establishing the right shade we are going to choose the correct Initial veneering ceramic.  The different build up steps will be explained and demonstrated in order to achieve the same aesthetic outcome. First try-in will be done reflecting the result by means of a good restoration into the mouth.

We will do the first try in on the patient in the dental practice, where every technician can see the result through a good integration into the mouth.  

A successful aesthetically outcome is predictable and no longer a coincidence. 

About the master

Ralf Dahl completed his Dental Technician Training in 1985.
Unitil 1988 he extended his knowledge in a commercial laboratory with main focus on crown and bridge, ceramic and telescopic work. From 1988 until 1989 he worked as a dental technician in private practice where he had a managerial position until 1990. One year later he successfully completed his master’s exam at the school –master of dental technician in Düsseldorf. Since 1994 he is the co-partner and managing director of MB Dental Technik GmbH. He is a member of the “dental excellence- international Laboratory Group”and European Dental Association (EDA) as well as of the DGAZ. Ralf Dahl is an author of practical workshops, hands-on patient courses, nationally and abroad. He is specialized in lecturing on ceramic layering, all ceramic and composite.

Specialties: polychrome layering technique in the areas of ceramic and composite, functional and aesthetic manufacturing of all ceramic inlays, onlays, veneers and all ceramic crowns as well as the production of layering with oxide ceramics on crowns and bridges. 

Practical Info

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