Katsuya Seki’s Master Course on Initial LiSi and LiSi Press in Madrid, Spain 19-20/04/2018 and Leuven, Belgium 23-24/04/2018

Katsuya Seki from the Beaux Arts Dental Lab in Tokyo is a true expert in lithium disilicate and so he could teach like no other how the perfect harmony between Initial LiSi Press and LiSi veneering ceramic is obtained. In Madrid as well as in Belgium, he gave a two-day hands on course on the youngest addition to the Initial family. At the same time as the course was given in Leuven, we had the pleasure to have Michael Brüsch present. At that time, he was rewarded by Mr. Makoto Nakao, Chairman and CEO of GC for his contribution to the Initial Ceramic Line.

The courses themselves were very practical, with tips and tricks on manual techniques as well as the pressing parameters and the use of the unique investment material, LiSi PressVest. He showed how with several layering techniques, staining and characterisation, the most beautiful and lifelike restorations can be obtained. Once you’ve tried LiSi and LiSi Press, you’ll never go back!