• MC
  • LF
  • Zr
  • Ti
  • AL
  • PC
  • Bleach Shades
  • MC/LF/Ti/AL/Zr
  • Gum Shades
  • MC & Zr
  • IQ One Body
  • Press-Over-Metal
  • Press-Over-Zircon
  • Lustre Paste
  • Zr-FS
  • IQ One Body
  • Layering-Over-Metal
  • Lustre Pastes NF
  • IQ One Body
  • Layering-Over-Zircon
  • Zr Reflective Liners
  • MC Classic Line
  • MC Paste Opaque CL
  • MC/Zr-FS Modelling Liquid PLUS
  • MC CST (Chroma Shade Translucent)
  • Zirconia Disks ST/HT
  • LiSi
  • Lustre Pastes NF Gum Shades
  • LiSi Press
  • LiSi PressVest
  • Spectrum Stains
  • MC/Zr-FS/LiSi Enamel Opal Booster
  • Lustre Pastes NF Enamel Effect
    Shade L-9 (Orange) / L-10 (Twilight)

15 years GC Initial

This year, the GC Initial line is celebrating its 15 year anniversary. Like all original products, there is a remarkable story behind this all-embracing ceramic system product, it went through many phases of collaborative research and creative development, with alternating moments of euphoria and disappointment. It all began with the frustration of many dental technicians over the sprawl of different layering techniques and ceramics from an array of manufacturers. Ceramics to veneer metal alloys, aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide, titanium,… they all needed to be handled differently; other requirements, distinct layering methods, many shade systems, each processed in a different way. So, we started to wonder: what if a system could be created that uses a consistent, uniform layering and colour strategy for all possible frameworks?

It was a bold and ambitious project that was initiated in 2001 with a small team of experts from the industry and the dental laboratory. Although it was seemingly impossible at moments, it was the heady and visionary idea that kept all thriving. The synchronisation of the different properties of all types of ceramics posed by far the greatest challenge. Colour, handling, processing methods,… Everything had to be the same, because we wanted the system to be truly universal. Through dedication and a continuous race against the clock, GC Initial was finally born.

The vision becomes reality

When the product was launched at the International Dental Show of 2003 in Cologne, there was hardly any time left to make any publicity. Nevertheless, the launch exceeded all expectations and the GC Initial concept was received with great enthusiasm. Laboratory technicians that tried it, were impressed with its user-friendliness and life-like beauty. GC Initial was built to maximize efficiency and quality. With essential time saved by adopting identical processing methods for all different ceramics, GC Initial permits the technician to be more creative. The bio-aesthetic layering method used is analogous to the anatomy of a natural tooth, so the technician can adjust his technique in an intuitive way, meeting the individual requirements for each restoration and yet still assuring maximum quality and profit; this is still a unique feature of GC Initial that many users know to appreciate. Soon after the launch, in 2005, the Initial line was expanded with new bleaching shades, to meet the market’s demands for a brighter smile. The product continued to be evolved and evaluated, and in 2006, a series of Gum Shades, which was very important for the ‘pink aesthetics’ in cases on implants with severe bone resorption, was added to the system. The Lustre Pastes were added in 2007, two unique sets of paintable 3D ceramics for high-CTE and low-CTE ceramics, respectively, made it possible to produce restorations with just one glaze firing, something that was unique on the market.

Up to this point, the Initial line was focused on providing high-end aesthetics. Meanwhile, there was an increased request for economic solutions, which called for a decrease in time and costs of the manufacturing.

Between 2007 and 2011, the One Body System was gradually launched, in order to provide high-quality ceramics at an attractive price.

Meanwhile, restorations in zirconia were on the rise and the launch of ZR-FS zircon veneering ceramic in 2008 was an answer to the market’s need for a more aesthetic veneering ceramic with reduced risk of chipping and cracking, thanks to the excellent wettability and exactly cross-matched CTE. The Lustre Pastes NF with their new formulation were launched in 2010 and replaced both previous sets with one all-round system. They are so easy-to-use with such a reliable result, that they became extremely popular to refine and individualise the aesthetics of ceramic restorations.Lustre Paste NF Gum Shades were added to the system in 2015.

The GC Initial line has continuously been evolved and it would lead us too far to name all individual developments. The Initial Classic line was added to the Expert and IQ One Body line in 2013, to offer a flexible system that is specifically adapted to the two powder build-up technique. Another important addition was the GC Initial Zr Disk, a high-quality zirconium for the most demanding CAD/CAM cases. It is offered in two translucencies; the standard translucency is the best solution for veneering with the beautiful Initial Zr-FS feldspar, while full-contour, monolithic restorations can be milled from the high-translucency disks and characterised with Initial Lustre Pastes NF.

The story continues…

The development of GC LiSi veneering ceramic and GC LiSi Press, in 2015 and 2017, respectively, is yet another proof of GC’s creed to seek continuous innovation and improvement; with enhancements in both aesthetics and mechanical properties, it can be said that they redefined the benchmark in lithium disilicate. With the latest offspring of the Initial family, LRF Block, which is a mid-strength glass ceramic, GC’s CAD/CAM portfolio increased, now also offering the possibility of creating beautiful and lifelike restorations in leucite-reinforced feldspar.

Let’s Initialise!

New projects are coming up and GC Initial keeps amending over time to meet the evolving market’s needs, yet always staying true to its original character: to provide a uniform system with maximum technique tolerance, outstanding quality and excellent aesthetics.
We would like invite you to celebrate these 15 years of endeavour with us and take you with “GC Initial on Tour”: during 15 months, 15 courses will all around Europe will be given by renowned dental technicians who will share with you how Initial has impacted their work and to teach you how you can obtain the same. Check out when we pass in your neighbourhood and come ‘Initialise’ with us!